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WKNC Online

"Everything a listener would want or need is easy to find and just a click or two away. An amazing range of very active blogs connects listeners to local bands, listener polls, venues, promotions, and archives of in-studio interviews and performances. WKNC's site ... [takes] the time to provide extensive external links throughout the site, making it a true destination and information source for its listeners." - Comments from a judge who voted WKNC.org as College Broadcasters Inc.'s Best Student Media Website in 2010

WKNC's Internet presence has grown right along with the radio station. From a simple website and stream to national awards and thousands of social media followers, WKNC.org and @WKNC881 are a vital part of the station's off-air operations. WKNC.org now features audio streams in MP3 and Ogg format, an online playlist dating back to 2003, a Tumblr blog, podcasts of interviews and news programs, and an online storefront.